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Customize Your CRM Experience Your Way.

A Crucial Development for Modern CRMs

In utilizing your CRM, flexibility in designing your information storage is crucial. While custom fields are valuable (we provide unlimited fields), leveraging custom objects takes it to the next level.

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Data is essential. It's what ensures your sales team stays ahead of leads and enables your marketing team to deliver targeted messaging at the right time and place. Without inherent flexibility in your CRM to store and utilize this data, adapting it to fit your business processes will consume valuable time and resources.

NitroFlow embodies the "all-in-one" philosophy. Unlike many other "all-in-one" CRM platforms, we offer custom objects, empowering you to tailor information management to your precise needs. Don't compromise - a CRM devoid of custom objects falls short of being a complete CRM.

To provide a clearer understanding of custom objects, let's consider a real estate scenario. Picture yourself as a real estate agent assisting clients in purchasing homes. While this serves as a mere illustration, once you grasp how custom objects function, you'll recognize its applicability to your own business.

How Does an Object Differ from a field?

Your data can be organized to link information to contacts and companies. Occasionally, this data is in a one-to-one relationship, such as "I assisted Jillian in purchasing 3 homes." In this case, a custom field named "Number of Homes" could store the value 3 for Jillian.

However, suppose you wish to retain additional details about each home. This historical data aids in recalling previous transactions' specifics and better organizing information for future client service. To achieve this, you establish custom objects to specify the data you want to preserve. For every home, you may desire details such as square footage, number of bedrooms, lot size, amenities, or other characteristics. Given that Jillian could have multiple homes in your CRM, you would create a distinct object for each home and link it to Jillian's contact record in your CRM.

This level of adaptability is essential for handling pertinent data within your CRM. With NitroFlow, crafting and utilizing custom objects is straightforward, enhancing your ability to manage relationships and associated data effortlessly on a daily basis.

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