Customer Journeys

Enhance Customer Experiences

Seamlessly create detailed customer journeys

Workflow Manager

Effortlessly craft personalized customer journeys with NitroFlow’s Journey feature. Whether it's straightforward micro-journeys or intricate, highly personalized marketing and sales pathways, NitroFlow provides the flexibility to develop workflows that enhance and revolutionize your customer relationships.

A visual roadmap is essential for comprehending the duration of progression through your process, pinpointing undesired gaps or significant errors, and addressing various critical aspects. With Journeys, you acquire an intelligent personal assistant that autonomously monitors and guides contacts towards appropriate actions at the opportune moments. The Journeys feature enables your team to achieve all of this within a user-friendly and feature-rich environment.

Automated journeys accelerate your business

Journeys merge automation and customization to provide efficient and smooth customer experiences for your clientele, simultaneously enhancing your team's productivity. You have the ability to craft journeys spanning your entire customer lifecycle, from awareness to conversion and beyond.

Workflow Manager

Employ logic-driven decisions to guide contacts along personalized pathways determined by demographic or behavioral data, such as website visits or email clicks. Activate automation precisely when needed, utilizing various delays and timeframes. Each customer's journey is shaped by the logic and triggers you establish, offering a flexible approach to crafting exceptional customer experiences.

Evaluate and refine your journeys.

Once your journeys are created, you can conveniently track how your contacts advance through each stage. Whether from the Journeys panel or an individual contact's record, you can observe their progression within the journey and manually advance them if necessary. Clicking to view their current journey progress displays an animated window summarizing their route and upcoming steps.

This insight enables you to monitor how contacts navigate through your journey and assess if they are achieving your desired objectives. If adjustments are needed, you can easily refine your journey using the drag-and-drop builder to establish more effective pathways for your customers.

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