Digital Document Signing

Design and Send Legally Binding Documents

Creation and Management of Documents

Securely send and archive your documents within our comprehensive platform. Centralizing and organizing your data enhances efficiency and management.

Craft tailored proposals, contracts, and assorted documents directly within NitroFlow. Our document creator offers standard editing tools alongside special merge functions, automatically personalizing information from your contacts’ data. Generate unlimited unique templates and save them for future editing and reuse. With our integrated documentation tools, closing deals swiftly and collaborating effortlessly is a breeze.

Document Creation

Gather digital signatures and data

Document Signed

Your personalized documents can be dispatched directly from NitroFlow to your contacts, with all documents conveniently stored in the contact record. Send automated reminders, initiate workflows upon document signing, and perform other actions seamlessly. You can securely collect electronic signatures and initials. Signatures and approvals can be swiftly sent, received, and reviewed within minutes.

Legal Compliance & Data Security

Documents shared and signed through NitroFlow adhere to the legal standards set forth by the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). In compliance with these regulations, all parties involved must express their intention to sign and consent to the use of electronic documentation. Additionally, the document must include an associated and preservable record that details the signature's creation, generation, and execution. NitroFlow not only meets but surpasses these requirements, offering IP address tracking to uphold security and authenticity.

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