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Build, template and send awesome personal emails or broadcasts.

Create, test, and launch personal and/or email broadcasts using NitroFlow's robust email marketing platform.

Email marketing remains one of the most potent methods for captivating and converting your audience. Whether you're guiding fresh leads through nurturing drip campaigns or ensuring your contacts stay informed with monthly newsletters, promotions, and other engagement strategies, NitroFlow's email marketing functionality is comprehensive, adaptable, and seamlessly integrated with your sales and marketing endeavors.

Select from our extensive array of templates or craft and personalize your own using EasyBuilder, an intuitive drag-and-drop email design tool.

Design personalized templates effortlessly using our drag-and-drop email EasyBuilder.

The EasyBuilder enables you to craft expertly designed emails effortlessly through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Streamlining the editing and organization of your content to align with your company's branding has never been simpler. With the EasyBuilder, there's no need to grapple with HTML or rely on developers to fashion your desired email templates and campaigns.

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Tailor your messages and customer journeys and integrate them with CRM and email marketing.

With integrated CRM and email marketing, leveraging CRM data to personalize emails and devise tailored journeys for leads and clients becomes seamless. Utilize demographic information such as location, title, revenue, and industry, along with behavioral data like email clicks, downloads, opportunity stage, and more, to segment contacts effectively and dispatch pertinent and timely marketing and sales communications.

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Automate this process by establishing logic-based actions and rules derived from an extensive array of data combinations. Having everything integrated into a single solution facilitates the creation of consistent messaging, ensures smooth execution of your sales and marketing strategies, and enhances contact engagement.

A few of NitroFlows’s personalization and optimization tools:

  • Delivery filters allow you to customize the delivery of your emails to your target audience
  • Combine complex rules with nested rules, event attendance, A/B list splits, and more, to send messages precisely
  • Mail merge, so your message recipients get the exact message you intend for them
  • Use dynamic mail merge rules to build messages on the fly (for example, you can put a special article for people who live in a specific state without having to create a separate email for each state)
  • Campaign optimization tools help you send your highest performing campaigns to your selected contact list

Examine and communicate the achievements of your email marketing efforts.

NitroFlow’s email marketing functionality is equipped with a comprehensive set of reporting tools. This enables you to precisely monitor and evaluate your email campaigns in real-time. Observe recipients who are accessing your emails, interacting with links, your bounce rate, sending history, list expansion, engagement levels, and many other metrics. All these statistics are conveniently accessible to you through the Email Tracking dashboard and user-friendly reports. Moreover, you have the option to customize your home Dashboard to prioritize essential email marketing metrics, ensuring they are prominently displayed upon logging into your account.

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Streamline your email marketing efforts with automation.

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Automation is a significant component of NitroFlow's effectiveness. With this robust tool, you can automate email delivery, optimize campaigns automatically, customize your content, segment your contact lists, and more. It's effortless to initiate actions when recipients open emails or interact with links. Furthermore, you can send tailored emails based on recipient demographics or behaviors. All these personalized and automated features are accessible through NitroFlow, providing you with a unified system for managing your sales, marketing, and operations.

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