CRM Lead Scoring

Recognize highly active leads and engage them

Lead scoring aids in the identification of leads prepared for sales engagement.

Eliminate the uncertainty of lead qualification with NitroFlow’s lead scoring functionality. Automatically allocate scores to your contacts upon their interaction with your brand. Whether they're downloading an ebook, browsing your website, participating in a survey, responding to an email campaign, engaging with sales, or attending an event, you can assign scores to each contact based on their behavioral and demographic data.

The higher the score, the more prepared the lead is for sales and the greater the likelihood of conversion. For instance, if a lead visits your pricing page, requests a demo, and attends a webinar, it indicates they are progressing further along your sales funnel and are likely ready to make a purchase.

Lead scoring enhances your efficiency.

Lead scoring assists in pinpointing your most sales-ready and qualified leads. You can assess leads based on demographic criteria such as title, industry, location, revenue, and more. Additionally, their interactions, such as email opens, webinar attendance, ebook downloads, and others, can also contribute to their score. This wealth of data offers a comprehensive understanding of your leads and customers' progression within your sales funnel.

Lead Scoring Chart

Recognizing your top leads enables you to dedicate more time to sales-ready prospects, leading to increased conversion rates.

Automated lead scoring and evaluation of cold leads

NitroFlow's robust integration empowers you to automate actions according to lead scores. For instance, you can initiate email sequences, follow-ups, and other actions when a contact reaches a particular score threshold. This functionality extends to negative lead scoring as well. If a lead shows disengagement or takes a negative action, like unsubscribing or leaving a negative review, points can be deducted. Upon reaching a specific negative score threshold, you can trigger a follow-up or workflow to guide them towards a positive direction.

Lead Score Automation

NitroFlow also aids in identifying leads who have remained inactive for an extended duration. Establish automation or alerts to assist in managing and re-engaging with these dormant leads.

Thanks to NitroFlow's intelligent CRM, and consequently our automation tools, you can gauge the influence of contact data amalgamated with activity data, such as website visits, email interactions, or support ticket submissions. This wealth of information is no longer daunting; we compile it all for you in a meaningful manner that directly impacts your business's success.

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