Marketing Automation

Automate your entire business.

Enhance your marketing and sales efficiency through dynamic automation.

NitroFlow offers boundless possibilities for automating your business workflows. From our intuitive customer journey builder to our array of workflows, you have numerous avenues to provide personalized and automated customer experiences.

Utilizing our automation capabilities enables you to optimize your sales and marketing procedures, dismantle departmental barriers, boost productivity, and achieve tangible outcomes.

Marketing Automation

NitroFlow’s automation tools include:

  • Customer journey builder
  • Drip campaigns
  • Workflows
  • Conversion automation
  • Opportunity automation
  • Accounting
  • Events
  • Surveys
  • Landing pages & signup forms
  • And much, much more

Cut down on time and costs with automation.

No longer do you need to navigate between numerous departments and systems to complete a task. NitroFlow facilitates process automation throughout the entire customer lifecycle. With a single system, you gain access to a unified database and solution, simplifying the connection and integration of the customer experience

Provide excellent customer experiences.

With an integrated solution such as NitroFlow, you can achieve the creation and delivery of cohesive, seamless, and interconnected customer experiences. NitroFlow's marketing automation tools aid in lead generation, engagement, nurturing both leads and current customers, and transforming clients into loyal advocates.

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Exceptional customer experiences arise from meticulously crafted customer journeys that encompass all departments and touchpoints. Utilizing NitroFlow, you can devise tailored journeys tailored to your customers' behaviors and demographics.

Marketing automation vs. email service providers

A significant distinction exists between an email service provider and a platform such as NitroFlow, which enables genuine marketing automation. Email service providers primarily concentrate on basic newsletter creation, distribution, and monitoring. Termed as "batch and blast" in the business realm, the prevalent outcome is the inability to gauge its influence and utilize that data across your business effectively.

NitroFlow's integrated solution takes your communication to the next level. You still have access to all the tools for building, sending, and tracking newsletters, along with the added power of NitroFlow's marketing automation and multi-channel marketing methods (such as post-click tracking, landing pages, automatic CRM integration, mobile messaging, etc.).

How does NitroFlow compare against the rest?

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