Sales & CRM Reporting

CRM sales and contact activity analytics.

Revolutionary analytics designed to boost your sales performance.

NitroFlow offers comprehensive reports for analyzing customers, sales, and marketing strategies. These detailed insights provide a complete understanding of leads and customers' behaviors throughout your sales process.

CRM reporting

Use our powerful contact filtering features to generate contact segments, aiding in audience definition and accurate buyer persona creation. These segments enable the implementation of personalized customer journeys tailored to specific audience subsets. Enhanced segmentation translates to increased close rates and improved overall customer satisfaction.

Retrieve customer reports for improved conversion insights.

Understanding the origins of your sales and identifying your customer base are vital. Utilize our extensive range of reports for valuable insights into sales conversions, customer characteristics, and beyond. Access a multitude of reports featuring filters tailored to group segments, contact demographics, and behavioral patterns.

Some reports you can pull include:

  • # of Conversions
  • Conversions by campaigns
  • Conversions values
  • Conversions based on data fields
  • Data field reports
  • So much more!
Reports Filtering

More Features

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