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NitroFlow offers a comprehensive set of sales tools to aid in lead management, deal tracking, and progress reporting. Our Opportunities feature enables you to monitor high-value deals while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

With the right tools at your disposal, you can concentrate on the customer and capitalize on more revenue-generating opportunities.

Monitor valuable opportunities

Sales Analytics

Create customized phases and funnels for each of your different services and/or products. Advanced customizations let you create targeted and personalized experiences for your leads and customers. It also allows you to accurately track each deal and its progress. Customizable checklists at each phase ensure a consistent sales process and streamlined customer experience.

Endless options for customizing your opportunities.

With NitroFlow, you can customize every aspect of the system to suit your business needs. Our Opportunities feature offers limitless options for crafting personalized sales processes that aid in tracking and closing deals more effectively.

Stagnation: Trigger workflows if a contact is stuck at a specific phase for a predetermined number of days.

Products: Set up products with custom descriptions and assign them to particular opportunity paths.

Quotas: Set up quotas for each of your salespeople to help them reach their goals.

Custom Fields: Create as many custom fields as you need to collect important information about each lead and deal.

Workflow Phased
Workflow Phased

Built-in Sales Automation

Automation is seamlessly integrated across the platform. Initiate a workflow or journey as soon as a contact reaches a particular phase in your Opportunity path. Each workflow is extensively customizable, mirroring the flexibility of your business, enabling you to effortlessly automate repetitive tasks and streamline your sales process.

Effortlessly manage with the drag-and-drop Kanban board.

Utilize the Kanban board daily to visually monitor all deals and their progression. Access Opportunity reports, filter opportunities, conduct specific deal searches, transition opportunities between phases, and click on each opportunity to review all relevant information and track progress.

Workflow Phased

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