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Integrate CRM and automation with customized signup forms

NitroFlow simplifies the process of building forms for your website with its intuitive form builder.

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NitroFlow features an integrated signup form builder and landing page builder. Effortlessly generate forms to capture new leads or gather further insights about your customers. Each form you design can be fully customized, encompassing aspects such as form security, data fields, automation, follow-up emails, progressive profiling, content, and beyond!

NitroFlow's forms are robust, user-friendly, and conveniently accessible directly from your CRM. Since the form builder is integrated, contacts who complete the form are seamlessly added to your CRM.

Crafting forms for your website is a breeze using NitroFlow's form builder.

You have the option to either embed the form onto your website or craft a tailored landing page with the Landing Page EasyBuilder. Customize the page with dynamic merge fields, images, and additional elements. We offer numerous pre-designed landing page templates that you can leverage for your campaigns.

Forms incorporating logic for streamlined data gathering.

All our forms can be configured with logic-based rules, enabling you to display or conceal certain fields depending on prior form responses. This customization enhances the experience for the form submitter.

Workflow Manager

Endless opportunities to connect and interact with your leads and customers.

Workflow Manager

NitroFlow provides numerous options for customizing the experience after a contact submits a form. You can initiate workflows, email sequences, utilize form data to personalize content and emails, and much more.

Progressive profiling

Simplify form completion for returning visitors to your website. Progressive profiling automatically populates known fields on your signup form, saving time for the user and fostering a personalized experience.

Workflow Manager

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