User-Defined Data

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Customize your CRM for each division of your company

Recognizing the individuality of every business and its diverse data requirements, NitroFlow provides limitless custom user-defined data fields. These fields empower you to capture and organize all crucial information about your leads and customers effectively. By tailoring your CRM with these customizable fields, you can enhance your sales efforts and foster stronger customer loyalty. Populate your CRM with vital data, leverage comprehensive reporting tools, and utilize insights to cultivate enduring client connections.

Leverage personalized data to secure additional deals.

In several ways, user-defined data fields serve as the driving force behind the NitroFlow platform, igniting automation and producing valuable reports tailored to your team's specified data fields. As a salesperson, these personalized fields will emerge as one of your most powerful tools for gathering and accessing essential lead data. This grants you the flexibility to configure your data precisely to align with your sales workflow.

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You can set your data field so that:

  • One value can be entered
  • Multiple values can be entered
  • Short or long text boxes, giving contacts the freedom to provide detailed information
  • Dates and trend data, making tracking information over time - such as dollars in savings or revenues generated by your clients

As your company expands using NitroFlow, these fields will seamlessly integrate into your account, initiating workflows, and facilitating contact filtering and segmentation for precise, personalized campaigns.

Utilize custom field filtering to enhance segmentation, ensuring that you reach the appropriate audience.

Custom user fields are not only crucial for initiating actions within NitroFlow but also enable advanced contact filtering. This means you can filter your contacts based on factors such as a customer's expressed interest in a product or their geographical location, among other possibilities, all thanks to user-defined data fields.

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By implementing these filters, you gain the ability to generate reports and direct tailored emails from your marketing department to specific leads within your funnels. Effective lead nurturing is essential for conversions, and filtering contacts to deliver personalized marketing messages can be the determining factor in whether they become clients or not. Your team will benefit from heightened conversion rates, while your clients will appreciate receiving pertinent information about your exceptional products and services.

Utilizing your CRM as the comprehensive repository of your client data will undoubtedly benefit your team in the long term, and NitroFlow’s platform is ideally positioned to propel your business toward success

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