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Monitor your success in real-time with comprehensive email analytics.

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Email remains one of the most budget-friendly methods to engage your desired audience. Nitroflow's email tracking tool provides a holistic perspective on your email marketing effectiveness. Monitor email opens, conversion rates, click-through rates, geographical data, and more. Utilize our comprehensive charts to assess, evaluate, and refine your email campaigns conveniently in a centralized platform.

Our reports enable you to gauge your performance against industry standards, offering clarity on your standing. Leverage email analytics to enhance your email open rates and click-through rates. Additionally, utilize our Email Optimizer to track subject lines, calls to action, and other essential elements.

Every CRM should be tracking emails

Monitoring your email performance is crucial, and integrating that data with your CRM system amplifies its impact. Every interaction and engagement a contact has with your brand, from opened emails to clicked links, website visits, phone calls, and beyond, is seamlessly captured within the contact record.

Your sales, marketing, and customer service teams gain visibility into the emails a contact has received, opened, clicked, and more. This capability to track such data within the contact record offers a comprehensive perspective of your team's relationship with each individual, providing valuable insights into your leads and clients.

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Monitor your success in real-time with comprehensive email analytics.

Workflow Manager

Nitroflow offers endless possibilities in email marketing and marketing automation. Whether it's scheduled broadcasts, drip campaigns, or customer journeys, you have the ability to create highly personalized, measurable campaigns aimed at converting your leads into loyal customers. Furthermore, our campaign optimizer and tracking tools provide insights into the top-performing emails, enabling you to swiftly and effortlessly review and enhance your current campaigns.

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