Automate tasks and optimize processes for rapid growth and success

Utilize workflows to accelerate your business.

Workflows serve as the foundation of your business, automating processes that would otherwise require manual intervention. They promote efficiency and uniform experiences while simplifying internal operations. NitroFlow's Workflow Manager is a robust tool designed to assist you in establishing effective sales and marketing procedures.

What can a Workflow do?

  • Send emails and SMS/MMS messages
  • Start, stop, pause, or resume a journey
  • Add and/or update contact data
  • Add to or remove contacts from a group
  • Add/remove tags
  • Charge a card
  • Trigger a CRM activity like a follow-up
  • Send a document for signature
  • Create or edit an opportunity
  • Send a quote or invoice
  • Alert someone on your team by email or text
  • Start a drip campaign
  • And more!
CRM Workflow Activity

A workflow automates all these tasks, freeing up your team from repetitive duties and allowing them to focus more on impactful projects.

Enhance operational effectiveness.

Workflow manager

When your operations are seamless, your customers notice. Workflows ensure your business operates efficiently, like a finely-tuned engine. Establish your critical processes to ensure no task or activity slips through the cracks. With workflows, your team stays organized, maintaining consistency and reliability in your customer interactions.

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